"Our committment is to provide exceptional services and products our customers can count on."

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WaterTec Irrigation … Irrigation for the Nation

Historical Factors

A harsh climate. Extreme temperatures between summer and winter. Risks of drought during the growing season. These are the factors that spurred the development of irrigation projects by the first European settlers to Western Canada.


Company Background

The success of Watertec is directly related to over 100 years of combined sales experience to supply unsurpassed products and services to the Pacific Northwest region.  Watertec has continued to expand its horizons in supply and sales experience on a Global stage. We have provided products and services from Western US to as far off as Southern Asia.

Watertec continues to offers innovative products, competitive pricing and professional sales experience to a Global Economy.


More Than Just Irrigation

A tomato isn’t a cucumber. Every crop is different. Every terrain or greenhouse condition is unique. As we learned more and more about the specific needs of our customers, we expanded WaterTec’s product lines to include more of the tools you need to manage your crop’s environment.

WaterTec is now a leading supplier of pumps and sprayers, pipes and fittings, sprinkler systems, hose products, and control systems. To protect your crop, we can provide solutions such as heating systems, row crop coverings, and greenhouse structures.


The Future

Our list of products and services continues to expand. Our dedication to providing you with professional design and installation remains paramount. Maximizing your production is what WaterTec will continue to do.